In the world of soccer, there have been some truly great coaches through the years. While every coach makes an important contribution to his or her team, some are simply more memorable than others.One such coach is the Italian coach Enzo Bearzot. Bearzot helped his home country to win the world cup in 1982. He was a former player himself, having been on the Inter Milan league, but coaching was his true calling. He was also the coach for the Under-23 Italian National Team.

Another great soccer coach was a Dutchman by the name of Rinus Michels. He is most famous for coaching the Netherlands national team and inventing the idea of “total soccer.” This idea means that no player has a individual place, so all work together for each attack or defense. Michels first began coaching with the Ajax Amsterdam club, where he led his team to four championships and three European cups. Also under his coaching, the Barcelona FC won the Primera Division in 1974

Cesar Luis Menotti is yet another great coach, renowned for helping Argentina to win its very first world cup in 1978. Before coaching, however, Menotti was a player himself. He was on the Argentine national team, the Boca Juniors, and the Santos. His coaching career began in 1973. Menotti struggled and coached several small teams before making soccer history in 1978.

Like Enzo Bearzot mentioned earlier, another great coach hailed from Italy. His name was Vittorio Pozza, and he coached a team to win two world cups for Italy. The first win was in 1934, followed by another in 1938. Pozza invented the “metodo formation,” in which half backs receive assistance from two inside forwards for a formation of 2, 3, 2, 3. Those who support this method feel that it makes defense much stronger and also creates more opportunities for counter attacks.

Gusztav Sebes is another famous coach who hails from Hungary. Sebes is best known for having coached the Magical Magyars. Though his team lost in the 1952 world cup, they performed well enough to put Hungary on the map as a serious competitor in the world of soccer. Later, Sebes coached Hungary to victory with a gold medal placement in the 1952 Olympics. The renowned coach was a big believer in the WW formation, which is the basis of many of today’s commonly used soccer foundations.

The last, but certainly not least, great soccer coach to discuss is Aime Jacquet. Jacquet, who is from France, helped the country to win its first world cup in 1998. Jacquet is most remembered for his strong coaching skills, though he did not actually become a coach until 1993 and faced many hardships and challenges early in his coaching career. Like many other soccer coaches, he was a player himself, playing for the club Saint Eienne and winning five league titles and three French cups.